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Nous ne mangerons plus de viande

Lecture dans le cadre du festival "Hors Pistes, Les Carnavalesques" organisé par Julia Marchand
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
9 février 2020

Le processus magique dans l'art contemporain, conférence

 Bazar Café, Arles

11 décembre 2019, organisé par Emma Riviera

Cette conférence souhaite introduire ce que je nomme " le processus magique dans l'art contemporain". Cette étude comparative entre productions d'artistes contemporains et magie s'opère grâce à l'observation de trois grands temps de l'histoire de la magie. La magie dite primitive, la magie moderne et la magie contemporaine. 

A travers une série d'exemples d'artistes, de Joachim Koester, en passant par Kvay Samnang, Pierrick Mouton ou encore Laurent Grasso, cette conférence est avant tout une introduction à une recherche générale dont les différentes sous parties sont quant à elles traitées indépendamment.

Radio Vaudou par Pierrick Mouton

Textes d'introductions
*Duuu Radio, août / septembre 2019

La Mue
Texte et lecture
Extramentale Arles

Janvier 2019

EXTRAMENTALE se présente comme un laboratoire, une plateforme de programmation. Sa première mission, tournée vers la recherche ouverte, se double d'une deuxième : faire apparaître d'autres types de formats d'exposition ou d'évènement, plus alternatifs, sur le territoire arlésien par le biais d'alliances avec des structures et/ou des individus.
A l'occasion de ces deux ans, Extramentale invite l'artiste Camille Alena pour penser le thème de la mue : la mue d'une pratique artistique, la mue d'une voix, et donc, d'un certain deuil, entremêlé dans une dynamique d'écriture qui se tourne, souvent, vers la première fois. Claire un jour, Claire toujours est le premier film réalisé par Camille Alena en 2008, alors étudiante à l'Ecal. Le film est ici projeté en dehors du cadre scolaire pour lequel il a été produit. La diffusion « parascolaire » de ce film, nous servira de fil conducteur pour explorer, à quatre voix, les thèmes propres à son travail et ceux, en creux, d'Extramentale.
La conférence, animée tour à tour par l'artiste, Margaux Bonopera, Arthur Dayras et Julia Marchand, sera suivie d'un concert d'un.e invité.e surprise dont la voix, travaillée en dehors des cadres habituels, nous rapproche de l'idée de « mues multiples ». Lorsqu'on incarne toutes les héroïnes du monde de la nuit, quand est-il des évolutions propre à chacune de ces figures féminines fantasmées et incarnées?

Current World Population
talk and lecture with Cedric Fauq, invited by Julie Béna

INI project

24 février 2018, Praha 

Curators Margaux Bonopera and Cédric Fauq present a discussion "Current World Population". Under the title of the event lies a range of questions, among which: How can curating carve out spaces for resistance? What are the tools we have to reassess what it means to resist? How valid is the notion of "current world population" to our work, beyond universalism? Is there an identifiable enemy? In coming back to a collaborative project (Turn The Tide) and their respective individual research, Margaux Bonopera and Cédric Fauq will raise questions related to their curatorial practice for an exchange to happen on topics at the intersection of soft forms of activism and historical re-writing through curating.The first project to be introduced will be Turn The Tide, which seeks to invent new modes of citizenship through an offshore company - its liquidation and share of its ownership -. The project had several iterations since April 2017. It has originally been devised by a cluster of 8 curators at The Royal College of Art in London. Following on this presentation, Cédric Fauq will introduce his recent research informing an upcoming exhibition titled 'The Colt is Young and Hate' (Paris, DOC, May 2018), aiming at 'staging blackness beyond representation'. Finally, Margaux Bonopera will present her research about the ZAD, an alternative political system which emerged in France during the 70's as a reaction to extreme urban development all over France.
Cédric Fauq is a curator based in between London and Nottingham currently developing strategies to attempt the staging of blackness beyond representation. He is co-founder of clearview, a North London based project space and has recently been appointed as Assistant Curator at Nottingham Contemporary. He is a member of the curatorial bureau for the 'Baltic Triennial 13' (Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga / 2017 - 18) and works closely with South London Gallery on several projects.
In the course of two-month long residency at INI Space, Julie Béna will invite the viewers to encounter her work and create a platform for meeting and sharing via a series of discussions, live actions, screenings or cocktail parties. During this residency, the space will be continuously modified in collaboration with the ANUP studio - an artistic joinery by Radko Bukovský. Both local and international guests - art theoreticians, curators, artists, exhibition architects or designers will be joining the events.

Presentation will be in English.19:00 '' carpet, chat and cocktails '' INI '' www.juliebena.comwww.anup.cz

Curating as an hauntological process

Mars 2017
Royal College of Art, London


The research looks to explore the concept of Hauntology, "the science of the spectres", developed by Jacques Derrida in his book, Spectres of Marx, in 1992. This exploration is an opportunity to analyse and comprehend curating through a contemporary and philosophical concept. The main goal of this research is to compare precisely the characteristics that hauntology and curating have in common. In order to deliver an understandable and stimulating  research. This project is divided in three parts. The first part deals with the space/time of the exhibitions in regard of the definition of hauntology, the second one is about the spectral identity of the artworks and the last part studies the role of the audience as guardians of the spectres. These three different analyses reveal all the similarities that exist in between exhibitions and hauntological logic, artworks and spectres, audiences and societies.

This text also seeks to underline the common identity in between curating and hauntology, which are two logics and practices that do not seem to belong to the rational system anymore. This comparative approach opens a new perspectiveofthought closertoourcontemporarysociety.

From this contemporary perspective and research: Curating as an hauntological process, two main topics emerge. The first one is the use of technologies to turn curating in to a hauntological process and the other one is the French identity of this philosophical trend that could hide a more political and social issue behind the cultural exterior. 

Oranges de Naples
Lecture + texte réalisée à partir d'une correspondance avec Camille Alena
Présentée au cours de l'exposition personnelle de l'artiste à HardHat
Genève, Novembre 2016

© Camille Alena, Oranges de Naples, 2016, Vidéo HD, 33 minutes, couleur et sonore, Siège suspendu , Edition de 2 + 1 E.A.

Hauntology: Archives and Empty Spaces in Cambodia 
Screening Program at Bophana Center
28th August 2017
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A curated screening by Margaux Bonopera and SA SA BASSAC

Ghosts are hidden within all archives. Framed by philosopher Jacques Derrida's notion of Hauntology. this screening is inspired by the ghost of Singaporean artist Shui Tit Sing (1914-1997), whose archive is currently presented at SA SA BASSAC. Shui's 1963 Cambodia travel diary documented spaces that have since been emptied, decayed or destroyed. Collated footage from Bophana's archive considers the spectres of many of these spaces, from late 70s Phnom Penh to post-war developments of Bokor.

Many thanks to Erin Gleeson, © Bandiddh Prum, Ines Elichondoborde and Matthieu Lor https://www.matthieulor.com

Bophana Audiovisual Resource Centre is an audiovisual resource center with multiple objectives including a large and freely accessible database of archives, multimedia training and education, exhibition space, screening rooms, and a public program centered on Cambodia's histories and memory for a better future.

SA SA BASSAC is a gallery, reading room and resource center dedicated to Cambodian contemporary visual culture and its histories. Our program in Phnom Penh focuses on singular exhibitions of new work by Cambodian artists and guest-curated collaborative projects, all of which inspire multivocal educational programs in Khmer and English. We partner with local, regional and international institutions, residencies, museums, and galleries to expand networks and knowledge for artists and audiences alike. SA SA BASSAC was co-founded in 2011 by Stiev Selapak artist collective and curator Erin Gleeson. www.sasabassac.com

 On going / en cours : The Magical Process in Contemporary Art /  Le Processus Magique dans l'Art Contemporain 

Notes : Pavillon Finlandais, Biennale de Venise 2015 / Les époux Blume, La photo transcendantale, Centre Georges Pompidou, 2015 / Exposition Astralis, espace culturel Louis Vuitton, 2014, Paris / Exposition Markus Schinwald, CAPC, 2013, Bordeaux Exposition / Ken McMullen, Ghost Dance, 1983 / Exposition Média Médium, Espace Ygrec, 2014 / Vue de la vidéo Tracking Happiness, 2009 de Mircea Cantor / Romain Bernini, Floating Family, 2009 / Bruce Nauman, Failing to Levitate in the Studio, 1966 / Nils Guadagnin, Relic, 2012 REPTILE BRAIN OR REPTILE BODY, IT'S YOUR ANIMAL Joachim Koester, Palais de Tokyo, 2013 / Bruno Perramant, L'enlèvement /  Yves Klein, le saut dans le vide, 1960 / Nguyen Trinh Thi, vue du film Lettre du Panduranga, Jeu de Paume et CAPC, 2015 / Exposition Tarot, BNF, 1983-84, Paris / Les mots, la mort, les sorts de Jeanne Favet Saada, 1977 / La Véritable Initiation Magique, Franz Bardon, 1956 / 100 ans de Solitude de Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1967 / Le Matin des Magiciens, de Louis Pauwels et Jacques Bergier, 1960 / La composition des mondes, Philippe Descola, 2014 / Esquisse d'une théorie générale de la Magie, Marcel Maus, 1902-1903....